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[Thai-D] Senior Secret Love : Bake Me Love 2016


Sinopsis :
Step 3: Bake Me Love at a hotel in Bangkok suburbs. Someone mention candy store than a hotel room, again with LA (Sakonrat Woraurai) is Sheffield’s Department dessert of the new hotel was 24 years old but she was also a great idol. I usually take a photo and write a delicious down AIG frequently her cute love to cook and love to eat as much food one day, Kim (Toni Rakkaen) the operator of the hotel, aged 30. but in sharp detail with high self-confidence. To monitor the quality of food. He saw a woman secretly eat the rest of the kitchen after work. This is a matter that should not happen. For customers, employees do not eat the same food.
“She should separate raw materials from well managed, employees and customers,” said, “You’ve made my own. I will never ever, because if you know that we have to taste it first. The process of tasting, it’s very important as well. The process eats my client, “an LA finished just in front of the cake. And then she picked up the phone and hit a shot in front of ups and shots into Facebook and Instagram. With a message “Delicious as it was,” The next morning, Kim’s admission comes with a cake. “You will find that I do not try to see him,” Kim took the cake he made when placed in front of an LCD. “Throughout my life, my eating. I never eat anything that tastes as bad as this before, “Samuels replied with a spoon, put down immediately. “You do not understand how to do this. It was this mortar The taste is not at all “” Well, if she’s really good. Try editing flavor cake I made a good bit of fun “with Elle took a cake walk to the plate and throw it into the trash. “Here is the best solution,” and this was the beginning of the story, it seems that the pair might not be as easy as any other pair, then the situation is unlikely to cause a sweetness to them. Although both are among the desserts.

Genre : Comedy, Food, Romance
Episodes 6

Pemain :
Sirisorn Vorakorn as Posh

Senior Secret Love : Bake Me Love :
Episode 1 - 6 END
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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