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[VS] JTBC – Girl Spirit 2016


Sinopsis :
Girl Spirit (Hangul: 걸스피릿) is a 2016 South Korean television program where twelve lesser-known girl group vocalists compete against one another. The show is a competition among girl group main vocalists who have not gotten the spotlight even though they have debuted. The girls will be ranked through vocal competitions, and they will have a winner in the final league. Each girl will have a different concept according to their rank that week. It airs on JTBC every Tuesday at 22:50 (KST).

Tayang : Selasa

MC :
Jo Se-ho

Mentor :
Tak Jae-hoon
Jang Woo-hyuk (H.O.T.)
Chun Myung-hoon (NRG)
Lee Ji-hye (S#arp)
Seo In-young

Vocalist :
Seunghee (Oh My Girl)
Bohyung (Spica)
UJi (Bestie)
Sojung (Ladies’ Code)
Sungyeon (Pledis Girlz)
Kei (Lovelyz)
Dawon (Cosmic Girls)
Hyemi (Fiestar)
Seunghee (CLC)
Minjae (Sonamoo)
Soyeon (Laboum)
Jinsol (April)

JTBC Girl Spirit :
 Episode 1 - Episode Terakhir Tayang
 Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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