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[K-D] Beautiology 101 2016


Sinopsis :
Ever heard of a school where you’re considered absent if you don’t wear makeup? Welcome to K-Beauty School! It’s a world-famous university that specializes in all things related to skincare and makeup. The students here learn about the art, science and technology, history, and even marketing of beauty!
Lee Bongju is a 20-year old skincare enthusiast who works as a facialist. She also sells skincare formulations of her own making on the side. For Bongju, skincare is more important than makeup as wearing thick makeup may cause signs of early aging! In the hopes of getting more clients and improving her business, she enrolls at the K-Beauty School and this is her journey into the rabbit hole that is the makeup world.
The drama is sponsored by giant cosmetics brand Innisfree and prominently features their various skin care and makeup products.

Episode : 10
Jenis : SNS Drama

Pemain :
Han Ji Eun as Lee Bong Ju
Kim Jae Yeong as Won Nam Gung
Lee Cheol Woo as Jung Hae In
Jin Hyuk as Goh Nan
Choi Ji Hun as Hwang Geurina
Lee Se Young as Lee Se Yeong

Beautiology 101 :
 Episode 1 - 10 END
 Password : 88

Salam GeJE

6 comments on “[K-D] Beautiology 101 2016

  1. Lia

    linknya ga bsa d buka sist.. 404 not found


  2. suju

    linknya kok gak bisa ya sist?


    • wyd

      Ep berapa? Yg detil a


      • suju

        semuanya gak ada yg bisa, katanya 404 error not found


        • wyd

          q barusan coba baik2 aja kok baik uptobox maupun uploadboynya


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