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[VS] D.O.B (Dance Or Band) 2016


Sinopsis :
FNC’s newest boy group will debut through MNET Survival Show: DANCE OR BAND (디오비). The survivial show will be based on NEOZ School, a trainee system FNC put together back in January. The system started out with slowly introducing the NEOZ team, now the dance team, which consists of members Inseong, Jaeyoon,
Dawon, Hwiyoung, Youngbin, Rowoon, Chani, Zuho and Taeyang. In late April, the word got out that FNC’s band trainees will compete against the dance trainees in a new survival show. Slowly after people calmed down about the news, FNC released pictures and teaser videos of the new band trainees. The band team consists of members Seungseok, Dongsung, Hwan and Chulmin.

Episode : 10
Tayang : Jum’at

D.O.B (Dance Or Band) :
Episode 1 – Episode Terakhir Tayang
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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