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[M-D] One and A Half Summer 2014


Sinopsis :
Zhang Hao (Nichkhun) is a Chinese American who travels to Santorini,Greece to get away from his parents who were pressuring him to get married. While in Santorini, he meets and falls in love with a mysterious girl who disappears without a word leaving her college handbook by the name of Luo Man. He then goes to China and attends as a student at Nayang University where Luo Man attends at determined to see her again. Zhang Hao then finds out that the mysterious girl that had left her college handbook was not the Luo Man that he thought she was but it was a different girl’s handbook who goes to the same University was the real Luo Man (Xu Lu). He and the real Luo Man eventually became good friends after. He later then realizes that the mysterious girl’s real name was Shu Qing (Yu Wen Wen), who is a Cello player at the same university and is actually engaged to another man. After finding out, he decided to finally forget about her and eventually begins to fall for Luo Man, who eventually begins to fall for him as well. Li Xiu Qi is Luo Man’s best friends and has been in love with her ever since they were kids. Luo Man ends up having to choose between Zhang Hao or Li Xiu Qi.

Genre : Youth, School, Romance
Episode : 29

Pemain :
Nichkhun 2PM as Zhang Hao
Xu Lu as Luo Man
Jiang Jin Fu as Li Xiu Qi
Yu Wen Wen as Shu Qing
Wei Da Xun (魏大勋) as Ma Jun Cai
Gao Long Ke (高珑珂) as Wen Ting Ting
Meng Jia as Song Qing
Li Chang (李昶) as Wang Min Qiang
He Yan Xi (何妍希) as Fan Bing Bing

One and A Half Summer :
Episode 1 – 29 END
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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