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[K-D] Me Too, Flower! 2011


Sinopsis :
Bong-Sun (Lee Ji-Ah) is a cynical woman. Even though she works as a police officer she seems to have very little sense of duty. She works as a police officer only to pay her bills. One day, Bong-Sun demonstrates in front of the police station for having not gotten a promotion. She is dragged away by police officers and ordered to undergo counseling. After having a counseling session Bong-Sun is hit by a motorcyclist named Jae-Hee (Yoon Si-Yoon). An argument ensues between them. Jae-Hee eventually leaving the scene, but Bong-Sun still angry with him.
Jae-Hee begins his job as a parking attendant at a high end clothing store. A woman inside the store then causes trouble. She’s lying on the floor and screaming. The police are called to the store. Arriving are Bong-Sun and new recruit Ma-Roo (Lee Gi-Kwang). A crowd of people are surrounding the woman screaming on the floor. She is distraught over her boyfriend, who works at the store, dumping her. Bong-Sun then notices Jae-Hee standing among the crowd. Bong-Sun tries to reason with the woman, but it doesn’t work. Jae-Hee then comes forward and tells the woman “simply put, the love you had is gone. Don’t think about what you might have done wrong, just go home, lie down and sleep. Wait for another love to come to you.” The woman finally stands up and leaves.
In the parking lot at the clothing store, the police car driven by Bong-Sun collides with a customer’s car driven by Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee begins to panic thinking back to a car accident from his past. Soon, he is calm again, but he is fired from his job.
Jae-Hee goes home and, surprisingly, it’s a big apartment in a well-to-do neighborhood. It turns out Jae-hee started the clothing company with Park Hwa-Young (Han Go-Eun) and he is the president of the company. When Jae-Hee comes outr of the shower, he is surprised find Hwa-Young in his apartment. After they play tennis together they have dinner. At this time Hwa-Young tries to persuade Jae-Hee to reveal who he is at the clothing store, but Jae-Hee strongly rejects the idea. Jae-Hee wants a quiet and peaceful life like what he has now. Jae-Hee does ask Hwa-Young to have him rehired as the parking attendant, because he wants to keep tabs on what goes on at his store.
Meanwhile, Bong-Sun’s life is dry. Besides her job she doesn’t really have anything to do. Jae-Hee then comes to the police station where Bong-Sun works and complains that he was fired from his job because of Bong-Sun. Bong-Sun later sees an advertsisement from a club looking for a parking attendant. The next day, Bong-Sun goes to the clothing store to get Jae-Hee’s phone number, but, to her surprise, Jae-Hee is working there again.

Episode : 15

Pemain :
Lee Ji-Ah
Yoon Si-Yoon
Jo Min-Gi
Han Go-Eun
Seo Hyo-Rim
Lee Gi-Kwang

Me Too, Flower! :
Episode 1 – 15 END
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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