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[K-D] Falling For Innocence 2015


Sinopsis :
A man who is a cold-blooded hunter gets heart surgery and due to cellular memory syndrome, he becomes warm hearted. He meets a woman, then learns the true meaning of happiness and love.

Drama : Falling For Innocence / Beating Again
Episode : 16
Tayang : Jum’at & Sabtu
Genre : Romance, Melodrama
Drama Sebelumnya : Maids
Drama Selanjutnya : My Love Eun-Dong

Pemain :
Jung Kyung-ho as Kang Min Ho
Kim So-yeon as Kim Soon Jung
Yoon Hyun-min as Han Joon Hee
Jin Goo as Ma Dong Wook.
Gong Hyun-Joo as
Park Young-Gyu as
Ahn Seok-Hwan as
Jo Eun-ji as
Lee Si-Un as

Falling For Innocence : 
Episode 1 – 16 END
Password : 88

OST Falling For Innocence : 

1. 다빈크(Davink) – 파라다이스(Paradise) OST Falling for Innocence Part 01

2. 이영훈(Lee Young Hoon) – 꿈은 아니길(Hope It’s Not A Dream) OST Falling for Innocence Part 02

3. Yoon Duk Won (윤덕원) – Madly [Falling For Innocence OST Part.3 (순정에 반하다 OST – Part.3)]

Salam GeJE

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