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[K-D] Cain and Abel 2009


Sinopsis :
Lee Jong-Min, Lee Jin-Sung, and Choi Yeon-Hee were classmates in medical school. Jong-Min falls in love with Yeon-Hee, but she was already in love with Jin-Sung. Jong-Min gives her up, falls in love with his coworker Hye-Joo, and marries her. The four of them open Bo-Sung Hospital together. After seeing Jong-Min comfort Yeon-Hee in her troubled marriage with Jin-Sung, Hye-Joo suspects Yeon-Hee of having her husband’s child. Hye-Joo’s jealousy causes a car accident which leads to the death of Jin-Sung and Yeon-Hee. Jong-Min saves the baby’s life in Yeon-Hee’s womb and adopts the baby as his own son. Feeling betrayed by her husband, she realizes she only has her son, Sun-Woo, left by her side. But she finds out Sun-Woo has a brain tumor and tries to build a medical center to save her son. Going against her wishes, Jong-Min tries to build an emergency medical center. With anger suppressed and built up over 37 years, Hye-Joo explodes and Jong-Min faints in shock. Sun-Woo returns 7 years later to find out that Cho-In is engaged to the love of his life, Seo-Yeon. Meanwhile, Cho-In leaves for China to oversee his father’s operation. There, he meets a tour guide named Young-Ji, a North Korean refugee, who was paid by Hye-Joo to detain Cho-In without question. Young-Ji begins to fall in love with Cho-In. However, Cho-In disappears on the very day she departs with him. After finding out that Cho-In was in a danger, Sun-Woo, having conflicted feelings, decides to disown his brother in order to inherit the hospital as well as taking Seo-Yeon for himself. Learning about his brother’s plot to have him killed, Cho-In tries to escape from China. During his escape, he loses his memory. After arriving in South Korea, under the allias of Oh Gang-Ho, Young-Ji’s cousin, Cho-In meets Young-Ji again. As Cho-In gradually starts to recover his memory, he goes up against Sun-Woo and Hye-Joo to retrieve Bo-Sung Hospital and make his dreams come true.

Episode : 20

Pemain :
So Ji-Sub
Shin Hyun-Joon
Chae Jung-An
Han Ji-Min

Cain and Abel :
Episode 1 – 20 END
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

2 comments on “[K-D] Cain and Abel 2009

  1. heeminja

    Aigoo mimin,, akhirnya nemu serial yg udah lamaaaaa bgt di cari2,, baru donlot beberapa ep, ehh udah ngilang ajaa,,😭😭 n akhir na nemu lagii tp masih tetep tak bisa di donlot,, mimin yg cakep,, baik hati n tidak sombong,, please benerin lagi😢 maaf ngerepotin n makasiih sebelum na.. kamsahamnidaa😘


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