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[K-D] Ballad of Suh Dong 2005


Sinopsis :
This drama is loosely based on one of Korea’s oldest folk songs. Suh Dong was the illegitimate son of the Baekje emperor and with the help of Princess Sonhwa, the daughter of the emporer of the Silla Kingdom, he went on to become the emporer of Baekje against all odds.

Drama : Seo Dong Yo / Seo Dong’s Song / Ballad of Seo Dong
Episode : 55
Genre : Historical Drama, romance

Pemain :
Jo Hyun Jae as Suh Dong (King Mu of Baekje)
Kim Suk as young Suh Dong
Lee Bo Young as Princess Sun Hwa of Shilla
Choi Sulli as young Princess Sun Hwa
Ryu Jin as Sa Taek Gi Ru / Kim Do Ham
Koo Hye Sun as Eun Jin
Han In Soo as Hae Do Joo
Baek Bong Ki as Bumro
Im Hyun Sik as Bumro’s dad
Lee Chang Hoon as Mok Ra Soo

Ballad of Suh Dong :
Episode 1 – 55 END
Password : 88

Salam GeJE

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